The brand

Within a very short time, Arthotel ANA has developed into a renowned, independent label in the design budget sector. With special services and amenities and in locations ranging from top city locations to B-regions, Arthotel ANA is recording very good occupancy rates in both Germany and Austria.

Whether as a glamorous hot spot like in Leipzig's city centre, a cosy country hotel like in Aystetten or a serviced flat like ANA Living by Arthotel ANA in Augsburg, Karlsruhe, Oberhausen or Stuttgart. Here, comfort, hi-tech and a feel-good ambience come together. At the same time, value is placed on contemporary and modern furnishings.

The Arthotel ANA concept is suitable for both existing conversions and new buildings, taking into account the building regulations of the respective country. It can be integrated as well as combined with other hotel brands, as the existing hotel structure can easily be used in the sense of multi-branding. Arthotel ANA and ANA Living also represent a meaningful enrichment in dense hotel landscapes and close the gap between budget and design hotels.