a per­so­nal mes­sa­ge of our share­hol­der hei­ko gro­te

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Dear guests,

The long peri­od of wai­ting has come to an end and final­ly are we able to wel­co­me you again in one of our hotels.

We would like to assu­re you per­so­nal­ly that it is our top prio­ri­ty to pro­vi­de a safe and healt­hy envi­ron­ment for our guests, asso­cia­tes and part­ners. The­re are chal­len­ging times behind and ahead of us in which it has beco­me even more important to fol­low the gui­dance of local health and safe­ty aut­ho­ri­ties. We assu­re you that we are fol­lo­wing the deve­lo­p­ment of the COVID-19 pan­de­mic very clo­se­ly and that we are always up to date.

Today, we do not know how the coro­na­vi­rus (COVID-19) is going to pro­gress, but we are awa­re of our social respon­si­bi­li­ty and would like to offer you the hig­hest safe­ty while travelling.

When the time is rea­dy to reopen our hotels, our team will be trai­ned for various sce­na­ri­os. Our asso­cia­tes in all our hotels have taken every hygiene-, and precaution-measurement to ensu­re you a plea­sant and safe stay.

The­se include:

Hig­her inten­si­ty of clea­ning in our rooms and sui­tes and inten­si­fied hygie­ne checks. Fre­quent dis­in­fec­tion of expo­sed sur­faces like door knocks, card rea­ders and ele­va­tor
but­tons with disinfectants.

Towels will be wrap­ped in pro­tec­ti­ve foil right after they are clea­ned. The glass tooth­brush hol­ders will be repla­ced by wrap­ped pla­s­tic hol­ders for one-time usa­ge only.

On request, the dai­ly clea­ning of the room may be can­cel­led for the length of your stay. In this way we can gua­ran­tee that no one enters your room.

Pro­vi­si­on of addi­tio­nal dis­in­fec­tant dis­pen­s­a­ries and one-time towels in all public spaces and the rele­vant bathrooms.

Wea­ring of pro­tec­ti­ve masks and gloves during direct cont­act with guests.

In sel­ec­ted hotels you may choo­se to check in or out using the “Hotel­bird App”. If you choo­se this way of che­cking in, you need to down­load the free app.  You can find this App on the Apple Store or Goog­le Play Store.

Plexiglass-appliances at the front desk for the check-in and out pro­cess, indi­ca­tors to stay in the safe­ty distance on the ground, return of key-cards in sepa­ra­te box which will be dis­in­fec­ted and clea­ned befo­re reu­sa­ge. Fre­quent dis­in­fec­tion of card rea­ders while pro­vi­ding cash-free payments.

Maga­zi­nes, pens, pil­lows, plaids and/or wool-blankets will be remo­ved from the rooms in order to redu­ce addi­tio­nal points of infec­tion. Things of fre­quent usa­ge such as pens will be dis­in­fec­ted frequently.

In restau­rants, the­re will be a safe­ty distance of 1,5 meters bet­ween tables and the ope­ning hours will be increased to avo­id having too many guests in the restau­rant simul­ta­neous­ly. While ser­ving and clea­ning tables, cont­act with our asso­cia­tes shall be avo­ided due to the chan­ce of the virus being spread through the respi­ra­to­ry system.

You will expe­ri­ence a chan­ged break­fast set-up in the mor­ning. We are test­ing new forms of pre­sen­ta­ti­on and ser­vice on a regu­lar basis to ensu­re you a gre­at break­fast expe­ri­ence in com­pli­ance with all hygie­ne stan­dards at all times.

Our asso­cia­tes have been pro­vi­ded with clear gui­de­lines to react fast and appro­pria­te if the­re are any suspec­ted cases of a corona-infection, to help and take care of our guests.

We would like to use this oppor­tu­ni­ty to thank you for your loyal­ty and we are loo­king for­ward to wel­co­me you soon again. We would real­ly app­re­cia­te if you book us direct­ly on www.rilano.com or www.ana-hotels.com

 Plea­se do not hesi­ta­te to cont­act us for any per­so­nal ques­ti­ons and stay healthy!

Kind regards

Hei­ko Grote